We’ve been asked what podcasting gear we use time and time again. To help you with your podcasting journey, we’ve provided this list of our hand picked podcasting gear recommendations based entirely on gear we’ve owned, used, and loved!

Beginner Podcasting Gear

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone

The workhorse of the modern day podcaster, the Audio Technica ATR2100 Microphone is the most rugged, versatile, and trustworthy microphone under $100. Complete with both USB and XLR connections, this microphone can plug directly into your laptop and remove the need to have a mixer.

Mackie PROFX4V2 4-Channel Compact Mixer with Effects

This is a tough entry-level mixer that is perfect for any podcaster with a co-host, or is planning on conducting interviews in-studio. The metal body and small size makes this mixer easy to travel with too. There is a small learning curve to figuring out how this mixer works. Note that it requires a USB audio interface (e.g. BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222) to connect it to your laptop.


This little device is the essential connector between your laptop and your mixer (e.g. Mackie PROFX4V2 4-Channel Compact Mixer with Effects). Complete with a USB connector, it creates a line into your audio recording software using the mixer’s TAPE OUT ports to the UCA222 INPUT ports. Requires a single RCA cable (Red/White) to connect the mixer to the UCA222, while the USB cable is included as part of the device.