Finally create the podcast that turns your passion into action, your voice into influence, and your listeners into fans.

We all want to create the podcast that leads the conversation.

We all want to reach the listeners that are as passionate about our interests as we are.

But too often we find the process we need to accomplish this too overwhelming.

Our motivation to start podcasting gets stuck, and more often then not, the struggle becomes too much.

It is the #1 reason why podcasts never happen, or worse, end before they ever get past episode #7.


Until Now…

In Gaggleworthy – Designing Great Podcasts, podcaster, author, and CEO of Gagglepod, Kyle M. Bondo, shares a simple, proven, results-driven system for creating a podcast and keeping it worthy.

You’ll learn how to Start Your Podcast by discovering:


What is a Podcast?

Find out why podcasting has now the most direct and intimate way to communicate to your target audience when they are AWAY from their computer.


What will you say?

Learn how to focus your own expertise, insights, and passions into an approach that will define how you talk and share your thoughts on the topics you love and know.


How do you start?

Get into the details of podcast show development by learning how format, preparation, topic research, and production all impact your process.


What tools do you need?

Understand the podcast audio equipment, what makes a microphone good or bad for podcasting, and how audio recording software works.


How do you sound good?

Explore the podcast audio recording process, how to prepare your recording environment, and learn basic recording techniques that improve your sound.


How do you launch?

Learn all the steps you need to launch a podcast, share your audio files online, and make your show available to your audience.

Make Your Podcast Worthy – Gaggleworthy!

When I first started podcasting, I did everything wrong.

I bought the wrong gear, edited the wrong things, and designed the wrong kind of show for my audience.

I thought I could just speak into a microphone, record my voice, and be done with it.

Turns out that there is a bit more to it than that.

Instead, I struggled with having to learn how to podcast the right way, by doing all the wrong things.

Fortunately, I forged ahead to grow a successful podcast with hundreds of downloads an episode.

I want you to avoid those same mistakes and create a podcast worthy of gaggle!

Who is Gaggleworthy for?

Gaggleworthy – Designing Great Podcasts is all my best lessons learned for building a podcast.

Gaggleworthy provides you with clear principles and actionable insights necessary to produce a compelling, flock-building show about your passion.

If you’re a content creator, author, knowledge leader, or subject matter expert, Gaggleworthy will give you the podcasting skills needed to design a great podcast.

Make your Podcast Worthy

Whatever your passion is… technology, management, cooking, sports, religion, pop culture.. Your podcast can become real.

If past efforts didn’t measure up to what you’d hoped, or you’ve been thrown off track too many times, don’t give up.

See, traditional podcast learning is faulty. They don’t give you enough motivation, clarity, and process-rooted structure to succeed.

That’s where Kyle Bondo’s
Three Phases of a Podcast Production Lifecycle come in.
Wondering what they are?


The Create Phase is all about what you are going to say and how you will say it. This is the phase where you design your show, challenge your ideas, and test your concepts until you have a final production plan.

  • Passion – Explore your expertise and passions to find your topic
  • Voice – Refine your topic into an outline for a podcast
  • Sound – Prepare yourself and your tools for your first recording


The Build Phase focuses on the execution of your Creative Plan by streamlining your podcast development processes. It is the phase where most of your preparation, studio performance, and post-production takes place.

  • Preparation – Setup your design, accounts, and online presence
  • Performance – Record your voice into a podcast episode
  • Produce – Transform your recording into a podcast episode


The Market Phase centers around the continuous delivery of your finished podcast episodes to your audience. Take your finished podcast episode into the publication process that updates your RSS feed and announces your new content to the world.

  • Publish – Make your show available to your audience
  • Release – Release your feed to the world
  • Survive – Manage your milestones and marketing targets

Start your Podcast, Find your Flock!

The kind of quality that the Gaggleworhty will teach you, will level the playing field and give you a fighting chance to build the audience you deserve.

Are you ready?

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