Launch Your Podcast in One Day

Do you want to be able to go from start to finish in creating a podcast while getting to ask every question you wanted to along the way?

Cut through the confusion and receive real, personal podcast instruction directly from veteran podcasting coach Kyle Bondo.

Kyle’s One-on-One Coaching is a specialized training session featuring just you, Kyle, and a full day to work on your podcast.

It’s YOUR one day to stop putting off that podcast you’ve always wanted to launch!

If you’re not into workshops or just don’t have time to attend another class, Kyle’s coaching session can compress 6-months of podcast learning into one, personalize day.

Where do we meet?

Kyle’s one-on-one coaching is taught at the Co-Working space in Fredericksburg (CoWork Fredricksburg).

Each session is tailor-made for what you need and located in a safe environment.

Plus, by working on launching your podcasting as the goal, this location will keep you free from those distractions that divide your focus.

The payoff for this high-productive approach will be (but not limited to) your confidence in how you will design your podcast, use your podcasting gear, use workflows to produce your podcast, drink good coffee, and everything in-between!

What does all of this cost?

You can get on Kyle’s one-on-one coaching schedule for just $2,000.

With that price you receive:

  • A scheduled, 8-hour day of podcast education
  • Access to a quiet learning environment at my reserved CoWork office space
  • Access to all the podcasting gear you will need to learn with
  • Access to all the podcasting gear you will need to learn with
  • Optimized podcasting production process that you can use over and over again
  • Feedback on your podcast show design and how to produce it
  • Hands-on microphone technique training
  • Guided walk-thru and configurations for launching your podcast
  • Audience building strategies to get you started
  • Coffee and lunch catered to limit any distractions
  • A chance to ask any question
  • And much, much, more!

By compressing the time it takes to get it launched, one-on-one coaching is designed to take your idea and turn it into a podcast.

And that’s the goal — get you to a place where you can release the first episode of your podcast.

Are You Ready to Start Podcasting?

If you’re ready, contact me using the form below, and I will connect you to my calendar and available dates:

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