You have a story to tell.

But that story needs a strategy, a platform, and a chance to be heard.

Register for our Beginner Podcasting Workshop and receive first-hand instruction in podcast creative planning, show creation, production techniques, and podcast distribution.

Beginner Podcast Workshop

Do you want to learn how to podcast?

Gagglepod’s Beginner Podcast Workshop is a great place to start!

In this workshop, we give you a first-hand introduction to podcast creation, production, and launching, with enough specialized instruction to have you podcasting about the topics you love.

What will you learn?

  • How podcasting works
  • How to narrow down your podcast’s topic
  • How do define your podcast’s direction
  • How do design your podcast’s requirements
  • How to create a podcast identity
  • How podcast production works
  • How basic podcasting gear works
  • How to record a podcast episode
  • How a use a microphone
  • How to prepare your podcast for launch
  • How basic audio software editing works
  • How podcast hosting works
  • How you publish a podcast
  • How podcast directories work
  • How your audience finds your podcast
  • How you build an audience for your podcast
  • A chance to ask a bunch of questions!
  • And much, much, more!

When is our next workshop?

Join us for one of our four Beginner Podcast Workshops this Summer in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia!

    Workshop #1 — May 26th, 2018
    Workshop #2 — June 23rd, 2018
    Workshop #3 — July 7th, 2018
    Workshop #4 — August 11th, 2018

What does all of this cost?

Reserve your seat at our next Live Beginner Podcast Workshop for just $299.00.

Don’t keep your voice hidden from the world any longer!

Don’t keep putting off that podcast you want to do. Use this workshop to go from idea to launch in just one day!

Are you ready to get podcasting?

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