Did you write a book?

Or create 52 episodes of a weekly podcast?

Writing a book is hard.

Selling a book is even harder.

They don’t call it the Best Writing Author — they call it the Best Selling Author!

Ouch, right?

Now, you sit on the long tail of Amazon’s platform waiting for a nibble or two.

All that work you put into writing a book only to have sales flatline.

It’s time to give that book a second life!

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When you have multiple podcasts it’s natural to start thinking about a network.

Mainly because networks seem like the logical place to connect everything you are producing.

But there is also safety in numbers, not to mention marketing power.

One podcast is just one podcast.

However, a podcast that can lead you to many podcasts is much more advantageous to all involved.

This is the strategy of one-to-many.

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Running a marathon is the highlight of a runner’s career.

Many runners work for months, sometimes even years, to build up enough endurance just to finish a single event.

Strangely, some find that finishing their first marathon is only the beginning.

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The New Year is the reaper of podcasts.

January is always the time many podcasters lamenting what they see as low audience numbers.

Final year numbers are the harbinger for those looking to podfade — to quit their show completely.

They see their small-ish audience size, minimal downloads per episode, and disappointing analytics as a sign.

What kind of sign?

A bad sign in that nobody likes their show.

However, they misunderstand the signs.

They see these signs as a reason to start thinking about doing something else.

Instead, what it really means is that they are not yet done growing their podcast yet.

They only see the episodes, not the entirety of their own podcast’s lifecycle.

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There is a new trend in digital marketing connected to podcasting, and it requires some attention.

Why does it require some attention?

Because it can be an effective way to reach a bigger audience.

Think about it. Your audience likes your website, enjoys your products and maybe tells their friends about the last adventure they had wearing or using your stuff.

But once they’ve made a purchase, your business becomes an after-thought until they needed again.

IF they need you again.

So how do you keep them coming back to you?

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