Building an audience for your podcast is hard.

Why is it hard?

Because it requires constant vigilance, repeated processes, and continuous determination.

In other words, you have to work for your audience.

No podcaster is given an audience.

You have to earn it.

But before you can do that, you have to first go out there and:

  • Step #1 – Find out where your audience lives online and in the marketplace
  • Step #2 – Connect with your audience and earn their trust
  • Step #3 – Then convince them to become listeners with compelling content

Again, that requires work.

Lots and lots of work.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to do what it takes to earn an audience!

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The process of creating a podcast starts out with a question:

What are you an expert in that you are ALSO passionate about?

Podcasting as a lot to do with what you are good at AND what you are passionate about.

These are the things that get you going in the morning.

This could be something you are an expert in academically, personally, or professionally.

You could be an expert in roses.

You could be an expert in guns.

You could be an expert in hard rock.

You could even be the gardener that loves talking about Guns & Roses!

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Podcasting is full of processes.

There is a process for coming up with your show idea, a process for picking the right gear, a process for setting up your studio, a process for launching your show, and even a process for how your market your show.

However, the process for how to simply build one episode for your show is just as important as all the other moving parts.

There is no one way to design a process for building just one episode, but I find that building a show in clips gives you more control over the final product.

When you’re dealing with only clips, they are easier to manage, edit, organize and check for quality.

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Podcasting is always something that I always wanted to do.

Especially with podcasts now reaching a mainstream audience as more and more people discover shows via their smartphones.

However, it took me over 3-years of blog writing before I finally decided to jump into it.



Writing is comfortable for me.


Podcasting required a whole new set of skills.

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