Rub elbows with fellow podcasters, talk about podcasting, and maybe even learn enough to start your own podcast. Held on the 1st or 2nd Monday of every month!

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Intro into Podcasting

Get an introduction to the high-level topics from understanding the media and technology to recording and publishing a podcast.

Podcast Show Development

Get into the details of podcast show development by learning how to approach your podcast preparations, topic research, recording schedule, and production.

Podcasting Gear 101

Get into the details of podcast gear by learning how to buy, setup, and use podcasting equipment and technology needed to record your show.

Podcast Audience Building

Learn all the steps you need to get your podcast in front of your target listener, find sponsors, and learn strategies that can help you build an audience.

Podcast Interview Process

Learn the interview process, how to land great guests, how to conduct an engaging interview, and what to do when your interview goes sideways.