How to Organize Your Podcast Content (v2.0)

Get into the details of podcast show development by learning how to approach creating and producing a podcast based on your expertise, your insight, and ultimately your own idea for a show. I’ll also go through how those decisions influence your podcast’s overall development, what pitfalls to watch out for, and when to make your final decision to produce your own podcast.

What will you learn?

  • How to turn what you know into a show idea
  • How to figure out what YOU want to say in your podcast
  • Exploring your topic space for insight into show topics
  • Understand how to approach the development of your podcast
  • Be prepared for the issues that kill a podcast before it begins
  • Know what final decisions you need to make before you start recording

Join me (Kyle Bondo) for a Meetup Talk about how to develop the strategy that will become your podcast. If you’re ready to understand what it takes to produce a podcast, or even thinking about a topic you would like to transform into a podcast, then this talk is for you!

[slideshare id=81251223&doc=gagglepod-podcast-show-development-v4-10092017-171026171654]

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