What we learned at DC Podfest

After the DCPodFest conference in Washington DC on November 10th-11th, you’re going to have a ton of ideas and a laundry list of questions! So let’s get all those ideas shared, and all those questions answered! Lessons Learned @ DC PodFest is a special meetup for both those that went to DC Podfest and those that couldn’t make it. Come get some encouragement or ask any question you might have about podcasting!

What will you learn?

  • My Top 5 lessons learned
  • Roundtable of what you learned at DC PodFest
  • Things you may have missed
  • Explore Podcasting issues that sounded interesting
  • Extend the post-conference talks with lots of Q&A

Join me (Kyle Bondo) for a Meetup Talk about what we learned at DC PodFest in an informal roundtable conversation. Everyone is invited to come and share what they learned, hear what they missed, ask questions, and get your podcasting questions answered!

[slideshare id=82066529&doc=gagglepod-dcpodfest-lessons-learned-v1-11132017-171114184110]

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