How to Launch a Podcast

Not sure where to host your podcast? Stuck wondering if your website host’s claim of “unlimited bandwidth” really means unlimited? (Spoiler — it doesn’t). Don’t know which media hosting company is right for you and your show? Then this is the talk for you! Join Kyle Bondo, founder of Gagglepod, and the host of the Merchants of Dirt Podcast to learn how to get your podcast from that file on your hard drive to inside the ears of your audience. You’ll learn all the steps you need to have a stable RSS feed, what the differences are in media hosts, and why you need show notes with each episode.

What will you learn?

  • Learn what you need to launch a podcast
  • Understand why you need a hosting company
  • Understand what makes a good hosting company
  • Learn all the elements that go into getting your podcast heard
  • Understand the importance of a podcast website
  • Understand the importance of show notes

The Gagglepod Advantage
Coming to a Gagglepod Meetup comes with the added advantage of being able to ask any question you have about podcasting! Even if you’re already podcasting, Gagglepod is all about building a community of podcasters. Come for the talks, stay for the Q&A!

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