A Beginners Guide to Podcasting Technology

Does podcasting technology make podcasting look hard? Face your podcasting gear fears head-on with a meetup designed to show you what you need to buy to get started, how to set all of it up before your first recording session, and how to make everything work for your new podcast.

What will you learn?

  • Learn what you need for a basic podcast recording step-up
  • Understand what makes a good microphone versus a bad microphone
  • Understand when you need and don’t need a mixer
  • Understand what software you need to create a recording
  • Learn the audio recording process and basic sound and recording techniques
  • Learn how to edit your audio files, add music, and publish a final MP3
  • Learn how to record a podcast without having to use a computer

Join me (Kyle Bondo) for a Meetup Talk about how to navigate the equipment and technology used to record a podcast. Whether you’re starting your podcasting journey, trying to decide if podcasting is something your business should be doing, or just interested in learning about the cutting edge tools and techniques needed to produce your own shows, Kyle can get all your how-to podcasting questions answered!

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