Face your Podcasting Gear Fears

Does podcasting technology make podcasting look hard? Face your podcasting gear fears head-on with a meetup designed to show you what you need to buy (and not buy) to get started, how to set all of it up before your first recording session, or how to make what you do have to produce a podcast sound better.

This is a Hands-On Meetup!
Come see, touch, and understand how this gear works, how it doesn’t work, and what it looks like up close! I will have microphones, mixers, and lots of wires all over the place for you to see, touch, and explore!

What will you learn?

  • Learn what you need for a beginner podcast recording step-up
  • Understand what makes a good microphone versus a bad microphone
  • Understand when you need and don’t need a mixer
  • Understand what software you need to create a recording
  • Learn the audio recording process and basic sound and recording techniques
  • See real podcasting gear and how it makes you sound

About This Talk
Join me (Kyle Bondo), founder of Gagglepod and the host of the Merchants of Dirt Podcast, for a Meetup Talk about the gear you need (and don’t need) to build your podcasting network. This will be our last meetup of 2017!

Join the Gaggle
Some podcasters get stuck along the way and don’t know where to go next. At the end of each talk, we have a Q&A session where you can get all your how-to podcasting questions answered. No upsell. no fluff. Take this opportunity to ask any question that will get you unstuck and back to building your podcast!

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