An Introduction to Podcasting (v2.0)

Podcasting is a fantastic medium for sharing your passions and ideas with other people. Thanks to the explosion of smartphones and mobile devices, podcasting has now become a most direct and intimate way to communicate to your target audience when they are AWAY from their computer. Now with over 800,000 podcasts available in Apple Podcasts (iTunes) on every topic from technology to basket weaving, audio information distribution has emerged from peoples basements and into the mainstream of mobile communications. However, only 1 in 3 people understand how podcasting works, and even fewer know what it takes to produce their own independent show.

Join me (Kyle Bondo) for a Meetup Talk about what podcasting is, what it takes to become a podcaster, and how to pull a podcast show idea out of your head and put it into the world.

[slideshare id=87953896&doc=gagglepod-start-a-podcast-v2-02122018-180213230020]

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