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Get Lost Racing (GLR) Podcast, hosted by Reckoneer.com founder Kyle M. Bondo, will help you master the endurance sports that make up off-road racing by teaching you what they are, how they work, and what makes them great — one discipline at a time! To be included as an off-road sport it cannot have a motor, it must take place in a rural, rugged, or non-paved environment, and must look somewhat fun to race. Each episode uses this criterion to explain and share the details how you can get lost racing one of these off-road sports.

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Posted by Kyle Bondo

Kyle Bondo is a thinker, podcaster, author, and creative strategy dragon seeking to make a small dent in the universe. With over 12-years of experience in finding creative ways to solve business and technology challenges, Kyle is the missing link between your ponytails and propeller heads when it comes to implementing a continuous delivery strategy. Kyle is an avid speaker at both technology and sports conferences, produces podcasts about racing (Merchants of Dirt and Get Lost Racing), and enjoys working on wicked process problems.